Mana Pan Pita specialises in baking fresh authentic pita bread. Our bread is tasty, healthy, nutritious, and freshly baked every day.

Mana Pan Pita

Our Pitta bread

It has a soft texture and is easily opened to reveal a flexible and perfectly formed pocket; ideal for stuffing with any number of different fillings.
We have developed a unique production process and optimal conditions to produce pita bread which is of a much higher quality than our competitors.

Mana Pan Pita is ready to use and easy to open and fill, while other pita breads need to be warmed up or cooked before they can be used. It is made in a specialised pita bread oven and emerges fresh from the oven with its characteristic soft, elastic, non-breaking pocket which can then be filled at will by the consumer.

Our bakery is located in Palma de Mallorca and has been equipped with all the latest facilities so that we are able to bake our bread in a sterilised and clean environment guaranteeing the highest quality end product.
In order to maintain the freshness and quality of the product, we use a shock-freezer to dry-freeze the bread after baking. This process conserves its unique texture and delicious flavour. Deliveries are then made using temperature controlled transport so we can distribute pita bread over very long distances without it losing any of its original goodness and flavour. Once the customer receives the bread, they can store it in their freezer for up to a year and simply defrost it before use.
To defrost our pita bread:

  • Removed from the freezer and left to thaw one hour before use.
  • Heated for a 2-3 minutes in the oven.
  • Heated 40-60 seconds in the microwave,
  • Heated in a toaster.

We also offer wholemeal pita bread

All varieties are available in different sizes.

Product name Diameter Weight Un/Box Box/Pallet
Large 15 cm 100 gr 60 66
Premium 14 cm 100 gr 60 88
Regular 14 cm 80 gr 72 88
Medium 12 cm 60 gr 72 88
Mini 10cm 50 gr 120 88

We will be happy to send you samples of mana pan pita so you can feel and taste the difference.
Mana Pan Pita complies with all EU health and safety regulations for the production of food products. Our registration number is RSI: 20,42847/PM.
To place an order or for more information please contact us by phone on 0034 690 079 909 or by email:
We look forward to hearing from you!