Mana Pita Bread comes out in the latest edition of the magazine In Palma (the reference cultural magazine of Palma de Mallorca). We have come out in an article entitled ‘Our Daily Bread’ which deals with that ‘millenary food that has transcended centuries and cultures’; bread. It refers to pita bread as a delicious, healthy and original bread with other more classic breads such as baguette bread, Mallorcan brown bread etc. You can read the whole article: Our Daily Bread, and here is the paragraph on pita bread:




The pita, very fashionable in recent years, is typical of Middle Eastern countries and is distinguished by its pocket-shaped interior that can be filled with all kinds of ingredients: salads, meats, tortillas. This bread is very popular with nutritionists, who recommend it as a healthy and very flexible alternative. It can be kept in the freezer for months and is made with white or whole flour. Mana Pan Pita Fresco is the only company dedicated to making pita bread in the Balearic Islands.