The restaurant and learning center Fosh Food in Palma de Mallorca has a reputation for always choosing the best products. And when you need pita bread, you also choose well. Fosh Food has chosen Mana Pan Pita on several occasions for their events and parties. How do they use it? They have been able to combine it with oriental sauces such as Hummus, Tzatziki or Taramosalata.


Fosh Food, restaurant and gourmet center in Palma, is well known for using only the best products. When it comes to choosing Pita bread, it also chooses wisely. Mana Pan Pita has featured several times at events and parties which have taken place at Fosh Food. What is the chosen way of serving it? With middle eastern and eastern dips such as Hummus, Tzatziki and Taramosalata.