Mana Pan Pita was the star sandwich at the recent holistic and wellness event that took place at the Mood Beach Restaurant in Puerto Portals, Essence. Our pita bread was served by the bar with four different fillings, all exquisite and was a success with all the attendees. The whole bread of Mana Pan Pita was ideal for the healthy and well being that wanted to get the event and we were pleased to hear how much we had liked it. Mood created four different fillings; One of Greek salad, one with Menorcan cheese, one with grilled vegetables and another with salmon and fresh cheese. All a success!

Mana Pan Pita at Mood

Mana Pan Pita at Mood

Mana Pan Pita was very happy to be able to take part in the recent holistic health and wellbeing event – Essence – which took place at Mood Beach Restaurant in Puerto Portals. Mana Pan Pita was being served by the bar with different fillings as a healthy and delicious snack or a light lunch. Our wholemeal pita breads fit in well with the healthy atmosphere and received nothing but rave reviews from everyone who enjoyed one (or indeed two or three).

Mood Beach Restaurant came up with some great fillings for the pita including a Greek salad filling, a menorquin cheese filling, a vegetable filling and a salmon filling.

If you were at the event, why not let us know which was your favorite filling?

Mana Pan Pita at Mood 1