Mana Pan Pita was one of the products selected to help promote fish from the fish market in a recent day organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. The day ‘Ahir, Avui i Demà, peix de la llotja’ took place on December 15, 2009 at the Es Baluard Museum in Palma. He was part of a series of conferences in the Balearic Islands with the intention of promoting quality, variety and culinary possibilities while encouraging the consumption of fish from the islands. The fish that were promoted included more than 400 fish species that are found in the waters of the Balearic Islands, including moixina, gerret, verat, maire and sorell.


To promote the consumption of these fish, the Conselleria prepared an innovative appetizer that included, among other things, Mana Pan Pita stuffed with Sorell in pickled orange and vegetables, Mana Pan Pita filled with verat fumat with a Russian salad, Mana Pan Pita stuffed with moixina with fonoll marí sauce and Mana Pan Pita stuffed with llus salad with apple.